Custom Cabinets

Meet the great challenges of space,great storage in the households.  The solutions is the maximum that anyone should followwhen it comes to decorating or take advantage of some of the most difficult ofyour home corners, and is that there is always a practical solution to anyproblem in interior.

Have you ever thought about thepossibility of placing some cabinets in the dead spaces of your home? Well ifyou had not raise it starts because it is a decision that probably will notregret in life.

Here we leave some of the placeswhere this type of furniture you can be of great use:

- Garret: It's probably one of the most difficult rooms decorativelyspeaking, and that the 'Alpine' that characterizes it always difficult to findstandard furniture to suit them. The customcabinets in these spaces are the best solution, then allow you to use thesemeters without renouncing to enjoy the space available for other purposes.

- Under the stairs: The stairwell is another of these spaces that wenever know how to take advantage. Once you've set out to locate a sofa, readingcorner, a bottle and even bookshelves, but the truth is that although moredecorative none of these ideas will get the functionality, you can have a customcabinet in which to store anything you on your mind.

- Dispatchers and corners: These are some other dead spaces whichoften do not even pay attention. Easy, because there is no need to have toomuch space to place them, for something is to measure!

Can you think of any other ideas?Help our readers with your own ideas, surely very useful to someone!