Ideas for a rustic hall

Large country houses and evenapartments in town or in the mountains often choose decorative type stylesrustic that allow them to seamlessly integrate the interior of the home withthe external environment is out of doors.

The hall is the place oftransition between the two sides, making it essential to find a decor match. Here we have some of the basic points that you should not forget.

To get the perfect rustic hall tokeep in mind that space requires a warm and welcoming invitation to enter thehome but at the same time, also be the most practical and decorative aspossible.

- Coatings: Materials forexcellence will be the stone and wood , used both to cover walls and floors todecorate the ceilings in some cases such as the beams of wood (decorative orotherwise). Given that these materials can not be too cheap, we recommend youtake a closer look at imitation coatings.

- Furniture: Without questionmust be of wood or wrought iron lines and show off a bit rustic and classical,respectively. Although depends on the space you tell, we recommend adding tothe basic table or pedestal is the mirror other elements such as racks,cabinets and even chairs and sofas furniture recalls recovered provide a morenative and charming to space.

- Textiles: The best are those ofnatural fibers like linen little treated, cotton or natural rattan. If you want to add some color to the sobriety of the furniture andcoatings, a good idea to put some shade, pillows (if you put seats) and even arug in bright colors (red, blue, yellow, etc...), to give a little joy intospace.

Finally, a must for ruralrecipients are the plants, do not forget to give a green touch to yourdecor!