Combining decorative styles in the same room

Having a home design that breakswith the most common interior is an attractive idea that some good wish for ourhome.

In this regard, many stillbelieve erroneously that break with tradition is to decorate the rooms withfurniture and accessories modern : nothing is further from reality, becauseeveryone knows money buying furniture to last, and this does not mean make adifference !

Does our proposal to achieve this?Combining various style in the same room decoration.

The idea is great for breakingthe mold, and that is that when entering a home expects to find a style definedin the classical or the contemporary, but never with both styles at once.

The best style to match otherbasis is probably the contemporary and modern furniture that are characterizedby simple, straight lines that do not usually draw too much attention in space.This will not serve to overburden the stay, so that we can integrate otherelements that make a difference with relative ease: rugs, lamps and bulbs ofstyles including shabby chic, the vintage or retro, are ideal for highlightingthis contrast in space.

The Color also has an importantimpact on the outcome of the decoration, as it can be used to achieveharmonization of space even while emphasizing the contrasts mentioned: you canchoose simple tones like white, black, gray or brown for basis of stay and givea touch of color with these key elements you have decided to take the role.