Decorate a student flat

If you have an apartment anddecorate it with the intention of renting it to a group of young students andif yourself are one of them must know some ways to decorate in a style somewhatneutral and practical that can be comfortable and welcoming for either.

However, this is not exactly easyprocess since almost all sin to decorate any home to your liking. In interiorwant to help with some practical advice, so take note!

- The common areas must be spacesto the satisfaction of all residents, so please try to decorate with furniturequite basic, functional and simple straight lines. The room should have aseating area and a large enough to eat in company.

- Given that people spend muchtime studying or working at home is essential that warranted by the bestlighting of spaces: Place the furniture, so as to favor the transmission oflight through the room, choose light colors and neutral for the walls and lampsplaced in places that may need a specific light such as tables or desks.

- Do not choose the decorationfor any reason, each person is different and will ultimately who lives therewho will choose the decoration according to your tastes. You may want to usesome furniture and decorative elements themselves and the odd itemshort-staffed as a mirror or a rack, for example.

- The textiles must keep thelines smooth and simple furniture, in this case giving a touch of joy if youthrough a few colors or patterns not too flashy.

If you want to know also sometips for getting an interior design for every taste in a flat with friendscheck out our post on how to decorate the shared flats.