Ideas to decorate the corners of home

Every corner of the house isimportant enough not to let pass unnoticed, and we can always find some detailto decorate even the smallest corners.

If you have forgotten corner athome and want to give a little joy or simply you're tired of always having thesame decor pays attention to these ideas, sure to find one that will convinceyou!

Small Corners

- A vertical box is an idealsolution to cover most of the corner without leaving of a feeling clutter inspace, which may be easily passable. A great idea is to also place a set ofphotographs personal (with your partner or family) of the same size verticallyseparated by several centimeters away.

- A vinyl is an option similar tothe picture, though the fact of occupying even less than this can cause hearingunless the wall of the corner.

- The tall vases with a good mixof branches, a long bamboo sticks (secured) and even a plant of considerablesize corner will disappear as well as giving it a more green and natural toyour home.

Wide corners

- If you are at the entrance ofthe home, it is best to take place some useful piece of furniture like thereceiver (or complement the main cabinet) or a rack to leave things to come.

- The larger spots in the heartof the home can be used to establish a small reading corner or simply rest inus arrange a small chair, a good lamp and a coffee table on which to leavethings.

- A shelf or set of shelves allowyou to take advantage individual corner to put some of your favorite decorativeelements (eg, memories of your travels from different backgrounds and cultures)and even for storage.

- Near the area or living room afireplace can be a great resource very functional as well as decorative.