Keep outdoor furniture in winter

The summer begins to come to anend and the entry of the new season already started to think more autumnaldecorations in the colors brown and gray decor and returned the spotlight tothe interior spaces to the detriment of the exterior.

So, it looks like it's time tore-package all parts and furniture in your garden to return to the storeroom.But what is the best way?

Start making new hole in yourattic, garage or whatever the storage space where you plan to save them. Onceyou have this ready clean the furniture and cover them with plastic bagssecured by adhesive tape that are not covered with dust.

With regard to the above it isimportant that you clean the furniture before re-hiding them until next year,because in this way when we want to recover will not have dirt and dustaccumulated in previous years.

In case you do not own anystorage space enough to store all elements of the garden you can keep them onthe outside, yes, covering some resistant plastic completely sealed by adhesivetape to prevent any harm to atmospheric agents (rain, snow, etc…). You can dothis with any type of material, from plastic to the wicker or wood.

Finally, if you have a pergolaporch or deck structure like our advice is that instead of saving the furnitureand forget to keep next year as if a longer stay in the home in question. Ifyou know how to solve the issue of winter cold by covering the space with somecovers or plastic walls and the use of some stoves, your outdoor space will beas useful at any time of year without having to wait for summer.