Lighting in the home

Getting a well lit home is one ofthe keys to making your home a comfortable place and creates a differentatmosphere in each of your rooms.

In fact, a mistake in lightingcan completely spoil all your efforts in the decoration. To ensure that thisdoes not happen notes and follow each of the following tips:

- Analyze the amount of naturallight in space, its intensity and mode of distribution in space: The places of work(desks, cooking area, lockers, etc…), that are not properly lit must be'covered' by artificial light sources.

- Artificial light can completelychange the look of a room, so you should take into account the capacity of eachtype of light to acclimate spaces: Dim lighting for intimate places, romanticor relaxing, white light for work areas and study, intermediate light towalkways.

- You can create focus ofattention in the room illuminating specific points of the decoration as a workof art or furniture.

- Beware of overly light stay itcan lead to eyestrain and headaches. Illuminate only insofar as necessary eachof the corners of the room.

- The colors also affect theperception of light: A darker colors, more light.

- Some lamps can also cause thelight to spread to a greater or lesser extent in space, so we must learn tochoose them based not only decoration but also the characteristics of space.

- Finally, the mirrors are also agood way to spread the light, so a strategic location can serve to make clearerand larger spaces.