Types of internal staircase

Many types of homes includevarious heights in its architectural design and require, therefore, staircasesbetween floors. The ladder is not unique to one style of housing, and thereforerequires a market with great diversity in materials, styles and engagement.Whether a house, a duplex, a loft, a prefabricated hut, you will give yourpersonality and environment from the moment of you choose your ladder.

Many factors must be taken intoaccount, since aspects of comfort and safety, as dimensions of steps andrailings to all eminently decorative details, as may be material or finish, toissues such as space it occupies and, also, the price. Always observed thattheir quality directly affects your safety and that has to convince a lot, andit is not a decorative item variable, such as furniture.

A staircase is a very attractiveas far as appearance is concerned, but if not cared for your design can createserious problems of loss of useful space. That's why we are very practical andfunctional models that allow the use of under-stair space, where you can put aninfinite number of auxiliary cabinets and bookcases. Wood and metal are themost used in the manufacture of ladders interior finishes lies in thedefinition of style.

Rustic wood alone or combinedwith forging, go great in a house decorated with classical and rather plainwood with metal railing for a modern house. A staircase that combines glass andmetal, such as photography, is to marry a fully modern and open architecture.This type of ladder, as well as beautiful, is of the same security as we haveseen earlier.