Separate spaces with walls of free installation

Create a room within an existingtask is becoming easier for us, practical and aesthetic, thanks to new ideas,designs and materials that are innovating the world of interior decoration. Therewas a time when this task we could through screens, a decorative element thatgoes well with many styles, but does not cover the needs of many others.Subdivide space into smaller ones, or create a separate area at a specificlocation is a very interesting idea that we can afford today thanks to the freewall installation.

This type of glass walls are veryuseful in this regard, allowing us to maintain some visual continuity, givesprivacy to the area defined and allows you a neat division, which will occupy asmall space, since its structure is very close. Allow the passage of light fromone area to another will depend largely on the free wall type you choose,because you have models ranging from fully transparent and translucent glass,others with vinyl in various colors, or dyed, painted, or also have toincorporate a Venetian blind to you who choose the hours of maximum privacy andtake advantage of other light.

These designs, which are updatedeach year, the single sheet have a fixed or mobile, or with double sliding door,so you can vary it according to your needs, and always taking up minimal space.An advantage of this resource to separate spaces is that, if you go back intime to unify the room as it was originally, you need not bother getting intoany work, since you did not need any complication for installation. New idea toshow that, the world of decoration is adapted to the functionality, and need ofits customers.