Decorate the office according to Feng-shui

Eastern philosophy of feng-shuiis one of our best allies to the decoration of the different areas of the home.

In this sense, whether you workat home and if you think up your own business you should consider some tips todecorate an office in the most harmonious possible, a place to find the balancebetween formality and naturalness.

The truth is that this philosophyof the office should not be in the privacy of home, but if you do, what betterto do it according to your advice?

All you have to do in this caseis conveniently able to separate, clear and functional space to work in theprivate sphere of home.

Starting at the location, try tokeep the office away from the rest areas like the living room or bedroom. Theentry is a good area to locate this room.

In case you have to be in thesame space as another room with a function outside the office should beseparated by a screen, a bookcase or a decorative panel that serves to separatethe rooms.

The decor is also very important,and we need to create an ideal space for concentration and work. The order willbe the key to a working environment, but it is also decorate it with ornamentsthat motivate and affect our work.

The colors are one of the keys inwhich most know of the feng-shui. For the concentration required by the spacewe use the colors yellow (encourage creativity), orange or green colorscombined with white to give a bit of freshness into space.

In this sense it is alsoimportant to have not only a perfect light natural light but also artificial tothink of each of the needs of work: as always need a light general and specificother assembly areas or the desktop workspace excellence.

Try to keep plants in the office,not only for their decorative benefits (life's a little space) but also becauseit is proven that clears the air and leaves cooler.