Decorate a very small study

The exorbitant rents andmortgages make independent today it almost unattainable dream for most youngpeople.

Precisely why more and more thosewho are content with one of those tiny apartments or studios which in turncomprise lounge, kitchen and bedroom, which translates into a real problem whenthinking about decorating.

If you have felt identified Lendattention, because we will help you find a home as convenient!

To begin you must break with thetraditional concept of what a floor, because here there is the traditionalseparation of stay, so comfortable that you enjoyed in your parents' house butyou have an 'all in one'.

Think first in the distributiongeneral: Where you will place each of the areas? Thinking about the mostpractical, the furniture of the kitchen should be located as close as possibleto the window so the smell would disappear sooner rather than space, because ifnot stick well to your seating area.

Place the dining table near thekitchen or against a wall nearby, because in this way will create a unit in thespace (there are two related areas) while ensuring comfort in it.

If you have enough space and nottoo short passage of light, a bottomless shelf may be the perfect element tomaximize space and create two zones clearly differentiated.

At this point comes one of thesticking points: Sofa and separate bed or sofa bed? It depends on the space youhave, but putting the worst you can only have this second. In this case, and ifyou put a shelf separating a good idea to put a TV in it (among other things)and support the sofa bed in the opposite wall. So also will serve as a living!

The shelves, the multifunctionalfurniture and folding are also a solution of gold, and to multiply by athousand the functionality of each element a minimum of space (desks or diningtables that are folded, tables with drawers, etc...).

Given that links this type offlooring with contemporary and young people, it is best that you avoid thefurniture more traditional (classical) and bet on furniture of straight linesand simple drawing attention to materials and contrasts color. A good idea is topaint the walls white and match the furniture and decoration on black withshades of red, purple or fuchsia.

Our last recommendation, finally,is that you take note of our tips for small spaces and extend fixtures providedin your home decor.