American traditional cuisine

More than once we looknostalgically at the series or American movies these flirty kitchenettes woodso typical of earlier decades, and dream of having our own sometime.

No, do not think you need to haveone of those charming American homes or small apartment in vintage style in theheart of the city to enjoy one of them, because the idea is always great aslong as we want to carry it out.

Such kitchens have been traditionallyknown as 'family room', and that is that in this case goes beyond the conceptof cooking and food preparation space to make it also a meeting place for thefamily especially during breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner (although they arealso useful for the duties of children).

In this sense, basic furnitureand not only will the countertop, the cooking or water but they also require acorner to place a table or a central island in which to enjoy these momentswith your family.

The most traditional of thesekitchens are dictates that furniture classic, somewhat retro those taking thereins, especially if used with one of the trendy colors of vintage trends suchas white.

Contrary to what one would expectthat probably do not need to use white appliances since the modern steel to geta contemporary twist that will help distinguish 'old' of a kitchen super chic.Combine with other details such as accessories, handles or lamps in chromedsteel.