Decorate with furniture which are not joint

There are many occasions when wewent to a furniture store to choose the pieces that best meet our needs and, ofcourse, measures the room to which they are intended. Typically, theseestablishments already have a default decoration, which we see as anexhibition, with the criterion of the decorator who works for thatestablishment.

This causes the known effect"action - reaction", and usually takes the customer to opt for theset as a whole or to purchase most of the parts that comprise it, which canlead to find, later, amid a environment that does not represent you, resultingin you need to go adding different objects that give your home somepersonality.

The option of going toexhibitions and furniture stores is good, you can feel out how the market indifferent ways, because you can focus on the latest trends in decoration, andto compare prices and quality, but do not have to buy the entire lot, but goimagining how some parts can be adapted to your goals.

You can see the corner of aliving room equipped with a great personality, perfectly combined, and in whichno piece is part of any collection. A very personal corner has been achievedbased on strategically placed to be joining and a variety of furniture thatmarry perfectly, despite the lack of any common thread.

The key points for those who haveachieved this result of the design and color. On the one hand, they all belongto a minimalist line on the other hand, the fact of decorating with severalcushions with covers on main colors, you can combine pieces that had not been,would have no "relationship" at all.