Types of dining tables

The dining table is the meetingplace par excellence of the family, a place for communication, culinarypleasures and relaxation that will undoubtedly center on our home.

 When choosing it, however, wehave so many things that often do not even know where to start. Here we leavesome of the most common types of tables, so take note and begin to choose themost suitable step.

We could classify them as follows:


They come in all decorativestyles, so you will not have trouble finding from the most modern glass andmetal table for more contemporary dining to the most romantic of forging orpickled wood for more vintage.


It is a matter quite linked toabove, and each style is often gambles for a few special materials: wood,glass, steel, wrought iron, plastic and even natural stone are some of the mostused for dining tables.


If the above refers specially tothe style, the question of the form will be more targeted at meeting thefunctional needs and space requirements cover in size (not all dining tablesallow huge rectangular):

- Round: Although there are several sizes, the most common for salonsis that they are rather large. Among its pluses are the strengthening of familyrelationships, but against that we have more space and also went out of fashionyears ago.

- Square: This is the best choice for tight spaces and small families(maximum four people) they occupy just a corner of the room and are mostpractical.

- Rectangular: Ideal for large families and large rooms, this is thepreferred choice of today's kitchens.

Besides the above, remember thatyou have the possibility to choose between versions with unique or thosepractical tables stretch that will be opened in order to empower more people.