Ideas for decorating the windows

Think beyond their material,structure or type of curtains that protect from light and prying eyes, the windows are one of the most forgotten of the home as far as decoris concerned.

But changing this concept is inour hands, because today there are lots of decorative possibilities that willundoubtedly give a twist that will make a difference to these corners.

Want to know some? Then we letyou.

- Stickers: As for the walls, there is a wide variety of differentdesigns can be adapted to each of the rooms in the house (with differentthemes) and also to our tastes. Animals, flowers, plants and geometric figuresare just a few of you could find.

- Decorative plates: Similar to the previous option while adhering tothe windows, although in this case occupy much more space and help to betterpreserve the intimacy of the environment but the curtains are open. In thisregard, the sheets cover part of the surface leaving a dull appearance to allownot entirely transparent.

- Decorative strip: This is a curtain of multiple independent ropesdecorated with all kinds of decorative details (lights, star shapes, lakes, etc…).You can buy or make yourself at home.

- Garlands of light: These long strings of beadsdecorated fabric or colored paper (one color or several combined) hangingaround your window will give a modern and romantic at once.

- Wooden doors: If your home is characterized by that lovely countrystyle the best idea is very clear, is that the windows of the white guillotineare a real fancy.

Of course, you can also opt fortraditional curtains in any of its more decorative.