Tips for buying a cheap flat

Buying an apartment in thesetimes of crisis in which we are engaged in a luxury that not everyone canafford. However, sometimes the work, effort and persistence on our part canhelp make that dream possible for us with a floor of property and forget aboutthe rent for many is 'throwing money'.

Finding a cheap apartment is noteasy, but possible. Here we are some tips to get it, hope you serve to find thehome of your life!

Here are 5 basic points you should keep in mind:

1. Patience: The purchase of a floor will be the biggest investment ofyour life, so you need to consider your choice in all aspects. Collectinformation about prices, compare between floors (price and quality) and aboveall do not hurry to make the decision.

2. Negotiation: No matter if you are shy or who dribbles up at thesalon, because at this point in your life dealing may help save thousands ofdollars with discounts of between 5 and 20%.

3. Location: You must go to areas where for reasons such as locationor economics problems there is a greater need to sell the flats, because thedifficulties of selling the price will decrease greatly.

4. Where to look: It is important to avoid middlemen such as estateagencies, which ultimately are a big chunk of the money, we earn by the sweatof our brow. We recommend you check out the housing stock of banks, taking intoaccount the offers of official protection and search your offers throughinternet property portals or web ad.

5. The key: If you dare not get into a mortgage and rent prefer tostart with a look it's best to hire only those floors to own, because in thisway over time will reduce the initial price demanded.